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Oregon Governor Campaigns

Oregon governor John Kids-hobbler is up against a relatively strong but inherently evil Republican in the coming election, and the Democratic really needs something to distract attention from the exploding cigars that have peppered his term in orifice: the hundreds … Continue reading

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There Are Legacies, And Then There’s Legacy

Oh, my. Legacy Health finds itself in a bit of a pickle, what with the FBI carrying on a criminal investigation into their supply of bodies. The FBI is conducting a criminal investigation of a division of Legacy Health, looking into … Continue reading

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It seems that there’s something in the blood, so perhaps the vampires were onto something: In his lab at UCSF and his postdoc lab at Stanford, Villeda and colleagues injected old mice with blood plasma from young mice, and vice … Continue reading

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Bacon Grief

Over in Winooski, Vermont, the town has a beautification program in which business owners tend to street-corner flower beds. As part of the program, they can place a sign at “their” flower bed, and the “Sneakers” restaurant owner posted one … Continue reading

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Shotgun Charge Dropped

You may remember the Jeff Barton case, in which the Vancouver, WA. man was charged with illegally discharging a firearm after firing his shotgun into the air in an effort to scare away car prowlers. Barton has steadfastly maintained that … Continue reading

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Burn, Baby, Burn

The Ivanpah solar plant in the Mojave desert is taking heat for frying so many birds with its 5.5 miles of garage door-sized solar reflectors, but it turns out that they have some other problems, as well: the heliostats direct … Continue reading

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Bread And Ink

In progressive Venezuela, groceries are subsidized, but under a new plan announced by their president, shoppers may soon have to be fingerprinted at checkout. That’s because although the government’s decision to subsidize groceries was intended to reduce hunger in the … Continue reading

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Steamed At The Buffet

Baily’s buffet-style Pizza opened in Searcy, Arkansas last month, and the place offers discounts to college students, teachers, cops, seasoned citizens, military members, and – on Sundays – 10% off to anybody who walks in the door with a church … Continue reading

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How Pornland Rolls

A senior Portland fire official is under investigation for telling a downtown sex club the city would look the other way if it violated fire safety laws. In late June, Portland Fire & Rescue denied a permit to Ron Jeremy’s Club Sesso for an … Continue reading

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From Astoria To Portland, Worth A Look

The world’s largest heavy-lift ship, the Blue Marlin, will be arriving on the Columbia River this weekend. Shown here hauling two minesweepers off the coast of Texas, it’s carrying components for what will be the largest drydock in the USA, … Continue reading

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