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What Could Go Wrong?

Hey guys! Look what I found! It’s a microbe that eats radioactive waste! Hold onta my beer and watch this…. Advertisements

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Burn, Baby, Burn

The Ivanpah solar plant in the Mojave desert is taking heat for frying so many birds with its 5.5 miles of garage door-sized solar reflectors, but it turns out that they have some other problems, as well: the heliostats direct … Continue reading

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Fargin’ War In Clatsop County, Oregon

Time to up your investment in a popcorn company! The U.S. DOE has  authorized a LNG terminal near the mouth of the Columbia River at Warrenton, and the transplants are livid. The DOE has the authority to authorize exports of … Continue reading

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April Surprise!

The coming tax season brings new forms, which apparently will need to be filled out and included with your return in order to satisfy the requirements of newly-added Line 61 on your Form 1040: Health care: individual responsibility. New this year for your … Continue reading

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The Color Of Hypocrisy Is Green

In a finding that comes as absolutely no surprise, a British government environmental agency reports that those who profess great concern about climate change use more energy than climate change “deniers” (paging AlGore!). Those who say they are concerned about the … Continue reading

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Extended Run For Clatsop County’s Dog & Pony Show!

LUBA says the activist was improperly activistic, tells commission to reconsider Oregon LNG issue. Clatsop County commissioners must reconsider the land use permit they previously denied for a pipeline to serve the proposed Oregon LNG gas export terminal in Warrenton. Oregon’s Land Use … Continue reading

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The Green, Green Graves Of Home

While the VA was busy shunting veterans onto imaginary waiting lists, allowing them to die rather than pay for treatment, they were also busily installing millions of dollars’ worth of photovoltaic solar panel systems, which presumably gave the vets something to … Continue reading

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Make Your Kid Walk Home From School = Child Abuse?

When I was a kid, we walked to and from school every day, no matter the weather. And school was a little over a mile from home. Snow, rain, wind, – it didn’t matter; we walked. But at least in … Continue reading

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When The Sun Goes Dark

Better break out the popcorn; this is going to be good: <National Report>This week, a scientific research facility in Wyoming made a startling discovery that is certain to change the way millions of Americans look at the environmentalism movement, after they found … Continue reading

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