Oregon Governor Campaigns

Oregon governor John Kids-hobbler is up against a relatively strong but inherently evil Republican in the coming election, and the Democratic really needs something to distract attention from the exploding cigars that have peppered his term in orifice: the hundreds of millions of dollars blown on the “Cover Oregon” Obamacare debacle, the desperate efforts and more millions to force a light rail bridge across the Columbia River into another state, the failure of his hand-picked “education czar” to do anything at all, and more. John seems to have found the perfect vehicle, which is now appearing within weeks of the November elections:

It’s illegal to use public resources for campaign purposes, but Johnny seems to have found a way around that. It’s one of the few things that can be widely disseminated, costs his campaign no money, and portrays him in a benevolent light just prior to the election. As Festus would say:Ken Curtis.jpg

I ain’t sayin’ it’s illegal; I’m sayin’ it ‘pears illegal.


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2 Responses to Oregon Governor Campaigns

  1. lectorconstans says:

    We have a family member on Facebook, who occasionally posts campaign stuff from Sen. Merkley. His main issue seems to be “the evil Koch Brothers are funding my evil opponent’s campaign”.

    • maxredlines says:

      Yet they have no problem with George Soros, who actually collaborated with the Nazis. His money’s perfectly fine. Ask your family member if he wipes his butt with “Angel Soft” tissue. The evil Koch brothers own that company.

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