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I couldn’t even get a hula hoop to revolve around by waist more than twice. Just…dang. She’s good. Posted by Max on June 29, 2014 at 02:24 PM in Observations | Permalink | Comments (0) Advertisements

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It Never Gets Better

In Katy, Texas, a guy who’s been raising pigs on the family farm for years was kind of surprised when Muslims bought the land next to the farm and announced their plans to build a mosque and community center on … Continue reading

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Extended Run For Clatsop County’s Dog & Pony Show!

LUBA says the activist was improperly activistic, tells commission to reconsider Oregon LNG issue. Clatsop County commissioners must reconsider the land use permit they previously denied for a pipeline to serve the proposed Oregon LNG gas export terminal in Warrenton. Oregon’s Land Use … Continue reading

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Vegan Child Abuse?

A Florida woman has been arrested and her child taken into protective custody due to her peculiar implementation of a vegan lifestyle. Local news station WESH reports that Sarah Anne Markham’s pediatrician alerted authorities after the woman’s 12-day-old baby appeared dehydrated … Continue reading

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Off Yer Butt

For years, I’ve spent most of my time standing, walking, etc. I often stand even when goofing around on a computer. I’m just not good at sitting for prolonged periods of time, and it appears that’s a good thing: A large … Continue reading

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Wolves: Majestic Creatures Of Beauty

Yeah, about that. Here’s what happens in eastern Oregon’s Umatilla County when the much-ballyhooed Umatilla pack gets hold of a rancher’s cow: Oh, it’s much worse; this is just one shot. According to an ODFW investigation into the matter, “multiple large-carnivore … Continue reading

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Antivaxxers Re-Think

Just how bad is the measles outbreak in the midwest and east? It’s so bad that those premier antivaxxers, the Amish, are now lining up for vaccinations. A nurse in Knox County for nearly three decades, Fletcher had never seen the … Continue reading

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There’s another stupid movie coming out this fall, supposedly a comedy/adventure about a couple of news guys who travel to NorK to interview – and attempt to assassinate – Kim. Hollywood’s simply incapable of producing anything worthwhile, these days. But … Continue reading

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Cover Oregon Plot Thickens

Like many others, it seemed curious to me that the notorious Cover Oregon website was opened to insurance agents but never to private individuals. Oracle, who built much of the site, says it came down to politics over proficiency. Software vendor … Continue reading

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“Damn it, Otis, don’t put the balloon down in the prison parking lot! How am I, Lex Luthor, the greatest criminal mind, to escape if you put it down in the parking lot?” Relax, it wasn’t a prison-break attempt at … Continue reading

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