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Garbage Cops

Seattle’s going to fine residents who they believe aren’t composting and recycling to their liking. Yes, the Green Police era has arrived; haulers will be expected to inspect trash as they dump it into the truck, and if they decide … Continue reading

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Tomorrow, I’ll Find A Unicorn

Today, I found an honest lawyer: “IĀ AmĀ Incompetent!” Lawyer Argues Unnecessarily Some nine years ago, Kansas barrister Dennis Hawver represented one Phillip Cheatham in a case that didn’t go especially well for the defendant. Which is kind of understating things, when … Continue reading

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The Zero’s intrepid transportation reporter, Joseph Rose, apparently found this post and took umbrage. He left a comment: Hi, if you’re going to quote my reporting and story, please give credit and provide a link. Thanks. Joseph Rose The Oregonian … Continue reading

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“Six Californias” Dies

Not enough valid signatures were gathered to make it onto the ballot. Many people liked the idea of splitting the state into six independent states, but most apparently didn’t; some, in fact, say that even one California is one too … Continue reading

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Every now and then I like to remind folks that giving money to PeTA is actually worse than throwing it away, because the organization rakes in millions of dollars in donations each year from unsuspecting, good-hearted individuals who have no … Continue reading

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Just An Accident

Um, well, not exactly. I hate seeing stuff like this; it’s almost always some well-intentioned but clueless schmoe, or a semi-clueless newbie. In this case, it was a veterinarian who sold his practice three years ago to establish an elephant … Continue reading

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What Could Go Wrong?

Hey guys! Look what I found! It’s a microbe that eats radioactive waste! Hold onta my beer and watch this….

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Bleeding Edge Astoria, Oregon

Some time ago, the brain-trust in Astoria hit upon the idea of setting up buckets of flags at pedestrian crossings they deemed particularly dangerous. The idea was that a pedestrian would grab a flag and wave it around to ensure … Continue reading

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Term Limits – Now

When we think of corruption, most of us think in terms of bribery: fat bundles of money stuffed in envelopes and furtively passed to conniving politicians. And that’s almost never the case. Oh, to be sure there are exceptions, such … Continue reading

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It’s not just a bromide; time actually does seem to move faster as we get older. When you were a kid, summer seemed to last forever, and school seasons lasted even longer than that. Now, not so much. There’s an … Continue reading

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