Bacon Grief

Over in Winooski, Vermont, the town has a beautification program in which business owners tend to street-corner flower beds. As part of the program, they can place a sign at “their” flower bed, and the “Sneakers” restaurant owner posted one that said “Yield: Sneakers Bacon”. Naturally, this was a Very Bad Thing, as a Muslim woman claimed that the word “bacon” was offensive.

In deference to her delicate sensibilities, the bistro removed the sign.

All in all, they were probably just being nice, but the removal offended others; one commenter noted:

I respect her religion and her right to believe what she wants but I’m pretty sure the first amendment extends to bacon and the selling of it.

Opined another:

America loves bacon. If bacon offends you, America is the LAST place you should have gone.

Presumably, grocery stores in her area never run ads mentioning bacon.

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2 Responses to Bacon Grief

  1. lectorconstans says:

    It’s a tyranny of the minority – in this case a minority of one. I suggested on another site that the owner should hire a sandwich-board man to walk around, advertising the joint.

    A bacon sandwich.

    Not too long ago, we’s have told the lady, “There there, it’ll be all right” and sent her on her way.

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