“Six Californias” Dies

Not enough valid signatures were gathered to make it onto the ballot. Many people liked the idea of splitting the state into six independent states, but most apparently didn’t; some, in fact, say that even one California is one too many.


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4 Responses to “Six Californias” Dies

  1. maxredlines says:

    Yes, although under Obamacare your medical records are supposed to be completely portable (thus the electronic requirement, not that anybody would ever even think of hacking into that kind of database), changing doctors etc. is among the things that gets a lot less interesting the older we get.

    Small wonder that your gov. Moonbeam and our gov. Retread get along so well. Neither has much use for jobs.

  2. lectorconstans says:

    I’m a long-time Californian. Even though the state is hopelessly Liberal Democratic – and the hopeless looniness that goes with that, I couldn’t support a 6-state solution. Two, maybe – if they gerrymandered S.F. and L.A. into one, and we got the other. I’d even throw in Silicon Valley, since their leaders (the CEOs &c) seem to have also gone off the deep end.

    Six states would make for a monster logistics problem. Six new names, 12 new Senators, a host of new Congressmen, six new bureaucracies, millions of $$ spent re-doing highway signs …….

    Maybe they’ll come back on a couple of years with a 5-state proposal…..

    • maxredlines says:

      Sorry, didn’t realize you live there; never bothered to check your location data, as I only do that if something looks a bit off. If it looks like a propaganda pitch, I’ll check to see where it’s coming from, but otherwise not so much.

      I’m one of those folks, however, who believe that even one California is one too many.

      I understand that Texas is lovely this time of year….

      • lectorconstans says:

        That could well be. It’s beastly hot down here these past few weeks – over 90 deg., and humid. But we’re far too settled; there are doctors and dentists and hospitals and theaters. It’d be a chore to start all over again.

        I think Michigan and/or Massachusetts are ahead of us in the “mind-bogglingly daft” states.

        Our wise and benevolent governor, Jerry Brown, responded to the news that Tesla will be building its factory in Nevada, rather than here: “Governor Jerry Brown says the Tesla factory set for construction in Nevada could be to our benefit – if it ends up putting more electric cars on the state’s roads.”

        I think he believes that all those businesses leaving the state is also good – there’s more room for the rest of us.

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