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The Oregon Lottery: It Does (Not Good) Things

John Oliver really nailed state-sponsored lotteries last night, and some of his harshest commentary was directed squarely at Oregon Lottery – which, as he notes, uses the universal symbol for lying as its logo. Some 80% of Oregon lottery money … Continue reading

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Socialists In Seattle: Lessons In Hypocrisy

Their “Freedom Socialist Party”, not satisfied with the recent mandate in the city of a $15 per hour minimum wage, is pushing for a $20 per hour minimum for all of the burger-flippers in the city. And they’re hiring! They’ve … Continue reading

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Burn, Baby, Burn

The Ivanpah solar plant in the Mojave desert is taking heat for frying so many birds with its 5.5 miles of garage door-sized solar reflectors, but it turns out that they have some other problems, as well: the heliostats direct … Continue reading

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It’s All Over But The Wiping

Backwoods loon Tootie Smith somehow managed to win, yesterday; Kurt Schrader’s therefore certain to coast safely back to D.C. for another term. Why people take Tootie seriously is beyond understanding. And Oregon Guy passed along a note from those cheerful … Continue reading

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