Against The Wind

As expected, Oregon elected Retread to the governorship once again. Corruption and incompetence don’t matter here, as long as it’s done by a Democratic. The sole surprise was that much-maligned Republican Dennis Richardson, anticipated by The Oregonian and others to lose by double digits, actually appears to have come within three percentage points in this election. Oddly, when Retread gave his acceptance speech last night at the Portland Hilton, his First Squeeze was nowhere to be seen. That was likely the smartest move we’ve seen from him in years.

On the upside: voters here resoundingly dumped Retread’s effort to give illegal aliens drivers’ cards, rejecting the argument advanced by the Oregonian’s editorial board and other supporters:

Supporters of Measure 88 had hoped that voters would narrow their focus to the specific issue of driver’s cards and the safety benefits of offering illegal immigrants a means to access driver education, drive legally and secure insurance.

Nobody believes that folks who are here illegally are going to suddenly purchase vehicle insurance with money that could be sent back home. That’s just a silly premise.

Equally resoundingly, voters here rejected a move to switch to a “top two” primary election format by a 68% vote. Clearly, each of these measures resulted in Democratics joining conservatives; indicating that on at least some issues, a measure of bipartisanship is possible, even in Oregon – a fact currently lamented by the far-left here.

And speaking of bipartisanship, the pot legalization measure passed with 55% of the vote; something that could not have occurred without support by moderate Republicans here. Clearly, in a state that’s had medical marijuana dispensaries for years, a grass-roots potlitical effort to establish full legalization easily took root.

The most expensive campaign in state history – whether or not to set up an unique labeling system for “GMO” foods – is still apparently too close to call despite the infusion of millions of dollars in out-of-state cash. Money doesn’t necessarily buy elections.

Surprisingly, voters here also turned thumbs-down on a measure to establish a fund for “higher education”, with 58% declining. There are a couple of solid reasons for this: having legalized pot, it’s pretty safe to say that all education in the state will soon be “higher”. As well, most of us worked hard to obtain our post-secondary educations, and apparently, many agree that today’s kids can do the same.

Nationally, of course, Republicans generally outperformed Democratics this time around, and took control not only of the US Senate but also governorships in some unlikely places, such as Maryland and Massachusetts. Who saw that coming? The Washington Post article, linked in the above embed, offers an interesting set of insights into how that national upset came about.

In a nutshell, Obama’s always been all about himself, and that came back to bite him in this election. Hairy Reed must be near-suicidal; in which case, he’s hereby invited to move to Oregon, where physicians stand ready to assist him.


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