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Here They Come Again

The battles continue in Astoria, Oregon as the California sea lions have returned to lounge on docks at the port, overloading the floats, crapping all over the place, and occasionally going after unwary people. Ignoring basic historical facts as usual, … Continue reading

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Every now and then I like to remind folks that giving money to PeTA is actually worse than throwing it away, because the organization rakes in millions of dollars in donations each year from unsuspecting, good-hearted individuals who have no … Continue reading

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Just An Accident

Um, well, not exactly. I hate seeing stuff like this; it’s almost always some well-intentioned but clueless schmoe, or a semi-clueless newbie. In this case, it was a veterinarian who sold his practice three years ago to establish an elephant … Continue reading

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What Could Go Wrong?

Hey guys! Look what I found! It’s a microbe that eats radioactive waste! Hold onta my beer and watch this….

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Oregon Spotted Frog Hits Threatened List

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) — Twenty-three years after it was first proposed for protection by the Endangered Species Act, the Oregon spotted frog is being listed as a threatened species. For the past decade, Oregon Zoo has been including the … Continue reading

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Burn, Baby, Burn

The Ivanpah solar plant in the Mojave desert is taking heat for frying so many birds with its 5.5 miles of garage door-sized solar reflectors, but it turns out that they have some other problems, as well: the heliostats direct … Continue reading

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Endangered “Species”

As has been mentioned on occasion in the past, the Endangered Species Act is essentially a venue in which environmental groups bring down big cash. The groups rely on private donations to “fight for the environment” – meaning, for the … Continue reading

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BLM v. Bundy

BLM claims that Cliven Bundy, the notorious Nevada rancher, owes $1.1 million in grazing fees, but they aren’t saying how they arrived at the figure. Given that they regularly collect from Oregon ranchers, the figure seems pretty questionable.   The … Continue reading

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Memo To Metro

Hey, do we have enough “greenspaces” yet? As if the elk and coyotes weren’t enough, we have cougars wandering around town – and I’m not talking about middle-aged women looking for boy-toys. We have a bunch of coyotes living a … Continue reading

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It Never Gets Better

In Katy, Texas, a guy who’s been raising pigs on the family farm for years was kind of surprised when Muslims bought the land next to the farm and announced their plans to build a mosque and community center on … Continue reading

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