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Beard Nets Are A Thing Now

As hipsters enter the food service industry, sales of beard nets are climbing even as sales of razors are falling. Well, what – other than food services – is a hipster with an art history degree going to do? Gotta … Continue reading

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Bacon Grief

Over in Winooski, Vermont, the town has a beautification program in which business owners tend to street-corner flower beds. As part of the program, they can place a sign at “their” flower bed, and the “Sneakers” restaurant owner posted one … Continue reading

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Burn, Baby, Burn

The Ivanpah solar plant in the Mojave desert is taking heat for frying so many birds with its 5.5 miles of garage door-sized solar reflectors, but it turns out that they have some other problems, as well: the heliostats direct … Continue reading

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Illegal Alien Idiocy

So now Obama wants $4 billion more to address a problem that he created: a flood of illegal alien kids and parents; many bearing gifts. That is, if you consider scabies, lice, measles, TB, and other assorted afflictions “gifts”. This … Continue reading

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Tax Dollars At Work: $56K “Diversity Training”

Yep, despite the fact that the folks having problems in the City bureaucracy have been 1) a black guy who made suggestive comments about a Multnomah County Commissioner during a public meeting and 2) a woman, the City of Portland … Continue reading

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Daily Astorian Strikes Again

Reliably Leftist, their editorial attacks an Oregon congressman who’s not even in the Clatsop County district: Politicians seek distractions like addicts need drugs. Blaming someone else is basic to the art of political survival. When Oregon Congressman Greg Walden was … Continue reading

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Is Your Heart Healthy Enough For Sexual Activity?

You’ve reached the age where you know how things work. You can hook up a couple of horses to pull a truck through a mud puddle, and you can fix a printing press. But for your wiener, you need professional … Continue reading

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ODFW Raises Fees – Again

With hunting and fishing participation at its lowest levels in Oregon in 30 years, and operating costs on the rise, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is facing a projected $32 million gap as it works to create a … Continue reading

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Extinct Bat Species Rediscovered

Researchers in New Guinea noticed a bat they’d not seen before. They captured it, eventually identified it as a female of a species that had been thought extinct. Naturally, being researchers, you may be able to guess what they did next: … Continue reading

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It’s Hard To Be Black In America

For some reason, people are far less likely to adopt blacks than yellows, and so blacks are more likely to be euthanized. Dogs and cats – why, what’d you think? Some folks think it’s because their faces are somehow harder to read … Continue reading

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