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ODOT Fixes A Problem, Makes It Worse

More brilliance from ODOT: as you may know, there’s a parking lot nestled between the eastbound and westbound lanes of I-84 at Multnomah Falls. It’s a great little convenience, and especially popular on days like today; warm, clear, sunny – great … Continue reading

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East Side, West Side

Things are looking up for a couple of towns along the Columbia River: Rep. Greg Walden’s got traction going for Hermiston, Oregon, as his legislation allowing OSU to relocate its agricultural research station has passed the House. Basically, the problem with … Continue reading

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The Brits Have The Answers

According to one Cambridge academic, Americans are prone to conspiracy theories because our country was founded upon them. Somehow, America’s founders developed and then promulgated the ridiculous notion that the King, back there in jolly old London, was conspiring to deprive … Continue reading

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Portland’s “Artisinal” Pest Control? Really?

They really need to stop tossing that word around; it’s way over-used. The reason why Portland has fewer rats, apart from those in public office, than most cities is because we’re so high-tech here: we use these things called “trash … Continue reading

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Those Weird Speedboats Explained

For some time now – actually for the past decade – there have been some strange boats humming around the Columbia River between Portland and Vancouver. They can go really fast, yet at other times they can barely be seen. … Continue reading

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Make Your Kid Walk Home From School = Child Abuse?

When I was a kid, we walked to and from school every day, no matter the weather. And school was a little over a mile from home. Snow, rain, wind, – it didn’t matter; we walked. But at least in … Continue reading

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Pee Cause

Oregon Lefties love to mock Art Robinson, currently chair of Oregon Republican Party. “Yeah, a scientist!”, they sneer, “What a laugh!” Primarily, that’s because of his interest in urine, which is of course laughable. But the 13th element, phosphorus (P) … Continue reading

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Blissful Suburbia

Heroin users today tend to be twenty-something white folks in the suburbs and even in rural areas, which is a pretty startling shift from back in the day, when it was mostly teen guys in the inner cities. Now, addicts are older, … Continue reading

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Could They Possibly Have Learned Something?

WASHINGTON, May 28 (UPI) –The U.S. Department of State issued a new travel warning Tuesday, advising “U.S. citizens currently in Libya depart immediately.” They’re even considering evacuating the embassy there, which is an admittedly dramatic about-face from Shillary’s stance in Bengazi: In order to … Continue reading

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Just How Deaf Are You?

The range of human hearing, when undamaged, is 20Hz to 20kHZ. Here’s a quick and easy test to see where you stack up (but don’t play it through speakers if you have a dog; he’ll start going nuts at around … Continue reading

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