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Beard Nets Are A Thing Now

As hipsters enter the food service industry, sales of beard nets are climbing even as sales of razors are falling. Well, what – other than food services – is a hipster with an art history degree going to do? Gotta … Continue reading

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Killing The USSR

Forget nukes. Forget tanks. None of that mattered. It was an unscheduled stop at a Randall’s Grocery store in Houston that blew Boris Yeltsin’s mind. It was September 16, 1989 and Yeltsin, then newly elected to the new Soviet parliament … Continue reading

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The Oregon Lottery: It Does (Not Good) Things

John Oliver really nailed state-sponsored lotteries last night, and some of his harshest commentary was directed squarely at Oregon Lottery – which, as he notes, uses the universal symbol for lying as its logo. Some 80% of Oregon lottery money … Continue reading

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Against The Wind

As expected, Oregon elected Retread to the governorship once again. Corruption and incompetence don’t matter here, as long as it’s done by a Democratic. The sole surprise was that much-maligned Republican Dennis Richardson, anticipated by The Oregonian and others to … Continue reading

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