Here They Come Again

The battles continue in Astoria, Oregon as the California sea lions have returned to lounge on docks at the port, overloading the floats, crapping all over the place, and occasionally going after unwary people. Ignoring basic historical facts as usual, the apologists are out in farce force, claiming that the sea lions were here first, that “man is the problem”, and that sea lions have always paddled around in our rivers, maiming fish. (Trail tip: there’s a reason why we have “Sea Otters” and “River Otters” – but no “River Lions”.)

Until the mid-1970s, California sea lions were seldom seen anywhere on the Columbia River. But surveys as recently as 2006 conducted by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife estimated up to 1,200 California sea lions and 1,000 Steller sea lions in the 140 miles of the lower Columbia River.

Note again: “sea” lions.

It’s truly a sad testament to the proud city of Astoria that they allow their evil Port authorities to continue to research ways to banish these majestic sea lions from the docks; depriving tourists of opportunities to marvel at the wonder of the mammals as they bark, belch, crap, and destroy dock floats. The evil Port authorities actually seem to believe that the docks should be devoted to evil commerce and other human activities!

The wonders of nature seem to escape them entirely.


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