Antivaxxers Re-Think

Just how bad is the measles outbreak in the midwest and east? It’s so bad that those premier antivaxxers, the Amish, are now lining up for vaccinations.

A nurse in Knox County for nearly three decades, Fletcher had never seen the illness, but she knew the symptoms.

Jacqueline Fletcher readies a measles vaccine to give at a makeshift clinic in central Ohio. About 8,000 Amish people in the area have received measles vaccinations since April.

“The rash. They had the conjunctivitis in the eyes, their eyes were red,” she says. “They don’t want the light, they sit in the darkened room, wear dark glasses. I mean they were just miserable. High temperatures, 103, 104 temps. So this was the measles.”

As a general rule, Amish don’t do vaccines, but these days, horse-drawn buggies are filling the parking lot of makeshift clinics at the end of the workday. It’s wedding season, but they’re cancelling or postponing those celebrations as well. They’ve even stopped church services in an effort to keep the disease from spreading.

Generally speaking, we tend to think of disease eradication or near-eradication as a good thing, but there’s also a downside: never having encountered the disease before, it takes medical professionals a bit longer to effectively diagnose it. In this case, they got lucky in that despite never having seen measles in her thirty years of practice, the nurse was nonetheless familiar with the symptoms. At the same time, since nobody knows exactly how many unvaccinated Amish are still in the wild, there’s still potential for it to continue to spread.

And this is yet another reason why Resident Obama’s destructive policies must be countered: he’s encouraged hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated third-worlders to run across our southern border – and from there, to spread out across the country. While they most assuredly aren’t Amish, they most assuredly are carriers.
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