Vegan Child Abuse?

A Florida woman has been arrested and her child taken into protective custody due to her peculiar implementation of a vegan lifestyle.

Local news station WESH reports that Sarah Anne Markham’s pediatrician alerted authorities after the woman’s 12-day-old baby appeared dehydrated during a doctor visit. The doctor said that Markham refused the medical advice to admit the child to the hospital or take the medicine offered, on the grounds that “it contained ingredients that came from animals.” After police were summoned to her home, Markham reportedly told them that she’d purchased organic soy formula for the baby, and that “she wanted to pursue a religion-based treatment and she had contacted a ‘natural’ or vegan doctor, but police said she did not share any proof of this to them.” Police added that “They asked Markham if the product was confirmed with a doctor that it was safe to give the newborn, and she replied saying that since it was organic, it must be OK.” The baby remains in protective custody.

There are some unresolved issues that this 23 year-old has which extend far beyond merely wishing to pursue a vegan lifestyle. For one thing, she apparently subscribes to that whole “sovereign citizen” malarkey; police forcibly entered her place after she told them that she doesn’t need to acknowledge their presence.

Looks like she can ignore them from the comfort of a cell. She probably also believes that if a product is labeled “natural”, it had no pesticides or fertilizers or other stuff, though of course companies are free to slap that label on anything they want. And “if it’s organic, it must be okay”. Sheer idiocy.

No detraction intended to educated people who choose to pursue veganism, and it’s certainly feasible to raise children in a vegan environment – but – those people aren’t buying products merely because a label says “organic”. Hell, strychnine is an organic alkaloid, but it’s best avoided. People like this kid, apparently incapable of independent thought and analysis, desperately need neutering.

She can do what she wants to herself, but raising a kid involves ensuring that basic nutritional requirements are met.


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2 Responses to Vegan Child Abuse?

  1. lectorconstans says:

    Ms Markham does not appear to be a college graduate. One also wonders where the child’s father (ideally, her husband) is.

    There’s something about a little knowledge being a dangerous thing.

    Dennis Kucinich is one of the poster boys for the vegan lifestyle.

    • maxredlines says:

      Oh, they don’t need husbands. Out of Wedlock is the new great thing – although most educated people wait, get married, and do that whole silly thing. Don’t you remember the Dan Quayle/Murphy Brown thing? Dan was such an idiot! Just wasn’t in tune with the times.

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