Extended Run For Clatsop County’s Dog & Pony Show!

LUBA says the activist was improperly activistic, tells commission to reconsider Oregon LNG issue.

Clatsop County commissioners must reconsider the land use permit they previously denied for a pipeline to serve the proposed Oregon LNG gas export terminal in Warrenton.

Oregon’s Land Use Board of Appeals on Friday remanded the earlier decision to the county after determining that one of the commissioners was biased against the project and should have recused himself from the 5-0 decision to deny a permit for the 41-mile segment of the pipeline that crosses the county.

This has been an ongoing source of entertainment for many of us as we watch the county approve, then disapprove, only to be ordered to revisit the project.

The county originally approved a permit for the pipeline in 2010, but that decision was reconsidered after three new commissioners took office in 2011. They decided by a 4-to-1 vote to withdraw the permit, and subsequently voted unanimously to deny it.

Oh, there’s little doubt that the nutballs will once again vote to stop the project, but it’s free entertainment. It’s sort of like watching a bunch of unreconstructed hippies doing the Hokey-Pokey.

They’re all about the environment and the economy, which is why the only jobs available in the Astoria area are temporary jobs that involve repairing the damage done to the Port of Astoria docks by literally tons of California sea lions. And of course, the environment really benefits from all the poop those critters shoot out.

But hey, natural! Of course, so is ebola.
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4 Responses to Extended Run For Clatsop County’s Dog & Pony Show!

  1. g says:

    I’m laughing with you. My opinion (of many) is that it boils down to the leftist anti capitalist/fossil fuel agendas. Many of this group are/were hippy 60’s/70’s protesters. Some of them actually live fairly nearby to me!

    The arguments are lame. Especially the safety arguments. Not to mention most of them actually have (gasp) natural gas lines running right to their houses. They drive automobiles that (gasp) run on gasoline! The hypocrisy of these folks knows no bounds.

    • maxredlines says:

      Oh, glad not to have offended. I just find the folks there incredibly amusing (though from a distance). The folks there don’t seem to go with common sense; they seem to to appreciate any sense, as long as it isn’t “common”,

      Its interesting to watch; they admit to having 1″ nat-gas lines running to their homes, but think that larger lines are “dangerous”. Dang, and a 1″ gas line was implicated in an explosion that wiped out 24 apartments in NYC last month. Of course, that was because the managers screwed up and didn’t update, but still – a 1″ line can cause a lot of damage. And these Clatsop County folks who rail against gas-lines use them every day.


  2. g says:

    Eventually they will actually have to vote on the law. Meanwhile popcorn.
    It appears the law is not on the nutballs side.
    And entertainment ensues.
    Rinse and repeat.
    Keep in mind that Leucadia is behind this one. They ain’t small potatoes
    And it doesn’t appear they are going away..

    • maxredlines says:

      Oh, there’s little doubt they’ll deny again, I think, but that just takes it to the federal level. I’m sorry for the laughter – I forget that some folks actually try to function in the Astoria area, and that’s probably as bad as trying to do it here in the Portland area.

      It just strikes me as incredibly amusing: there they are, railing against an Ex/Im plant while singing the praises of the California sea lions. Just amazing. As one guys says:

      No problem – until it explodes.

      No problem – unless a portion of your property has been condemned for a potentially explosive pipeline and you had other plans for it.

      No problem – until you try to sell your land encumbered by a dangerous pipeline.

      Actually, there haven’t been a whole lot of pipeline explosions – though there have been some rail-car incidents. So that’s a stupid argument. You know, sewer gases are potentially explosive, too, and they run lines underground to everybody’s buildings. If, like me, you use natural gas to heat your home in whole or in part, there’s another underground line. “Potentially explosive”. “Dangerous”. So dangerous, in fact, that if you want to dig a hole on your own property, you are required by law to call utility locating services before digging.

      And these idiots are worried about a line buried 10 to 12 feet underground?

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