Wolves: Majestic Creatures Of Beauty

Yeah, about that. Here’s what happens in eastern Oregon’s Umatilla County when the much-ballyhooed Umatilla pack gets hold of a rancher’s cow:


Oh, it’s much worse; this is just one shot.

According to an ODFW investigation into the matter, “multiple large-carnivore bite wounds” were found on the cow’s right-side flank area and on both hind legs between the hock and rump. The exposed bite caused muscle tissue damage on the left hind leg, which was “especially severe,” according to the report.

This is quite surprising, because as Everyone Knows, the reintroduced wolves will only hunt deer and elk. We’ve been told that for years. And as we All Know, wolves are incredibly important to ecosystems; so much so that when they move into southern Oregon, logging sales must immediately be halted.

The preservationists keep telling us how important they are, and that they don’t go after cattle or sheep, so they won’t endanger ranchers’ livelihoods and besides, they only take one animal for sustenance and whatever…. Oh, wait:

The Umatilla Pack has depredated livestock irregularly since 2012, according to the ODFW report. However, on June 13 — two days after the wolf depredation on Lane’s cow — ODFW officials confirmed a wolf depredation of sheep in a pen less than one mile from the same pasture. In that incident, seven sheep were killed and five more were injured.

The sheep were in a pen. The wolves killed seven. What about all of that “they only take one, for sustenance” thing again? It’ll be really great when the preservationists reintroduce grizzlies as well.


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