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Here They Come Again

The battles continue in Astoria, Oregon as the California sea lions have returned to lounge on docks at the port, overloading the floats, crapping all over the place, and occasionally going after unwary people. Ignoring basic historical facts as usual, … Continue reading

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Killing The USSR

Forget nukes. Forget tanks. None of that mattered. It was an unscheduled stop at a Randall’s Grocery store in Houston that blew Boris Yeltsin’s mind. It was September 16, 1989 and Yeltsin, then newly elected to the new Soviet parliament … Continue reading

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Every now and then I like to remind folks that giving money to PeTA is actually worse than throwing it away, because the organization rakes in millions of dollars in donations each year from unsuspecting, good-hearted individuals who have no … Continue reading

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Just An Accident

Um, well, not exactly. I hate seeing stuff like this; it’s almost always some well-intentioned but clueless schmoe, or a semi-clueless newbie. In this case, it was a veterinarian who sold his practice three years ago to establish an elephant … Continue reading

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Term Limits – Now

When we think of corruption, most of us think in terms of bribery: fat bundles of money stuffed in envelopes and furtively passed to conniving politicians. And that’s almost never the case. Oh, to be sure there are exceptions, such … Continue reading

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My God, It’s Full Of Stars

How little we knew, and how much we still don’t. It’s routine today to use planetary gravitation to “slingshot” spaceships and probes; you see it even in old Star Trek flicks. How odd, then, to find that the technique was … Continue reading

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Note To Astoria: Loose The Salvage Chief!

There’s another tanker adrift off the Oregon coast, following a severe engine-room fire that killed one crew member aboard. In a scene reminiscent of the great New Carissa saga, a tug has been dispatched to the area in hopes of … Continue reading

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Pooty Putinism

There’s an interesting article in The New Yorker concerning the transformation of Pooty-Poot; in the late 1990s, though corruption was rampant, Pooty was able to establish and maintain strong relations with the economic players in Russia, to the extent that … Continue reading

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Surveillance Is Part Of The Current And Future

So says the assistant city manager of Dayton, Ohio, as she sings the praises of Persistent Surveillance Systems (PSS), a Cessna-mounted camera system capable of staying aloft for hours at a time, scanning large swaths of city from 10,000 feet … Continue reading

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Cover Oregon Plot Thickens

Like many others, it seemed curious to me that the notorious Cover Oregon website was opened to insurance agents but never to private individuals. Oracle, who built much of the site, says it came down to¬†politics over proficiency. Software vendor … Continue reading

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