The Brits Have The Answers

According to one Cambridge academic, Americans are prone to conspiracy theories because our country was founded upon them. Somehow, America’s founders developed and then promulgated the ridiculous notion that the King, back there in jolly old London, was conspiring to deprive them of their liberties. Of course, that was just silly-talk. But as a result, Americans have been unusually accepting of conspiracy theories. So, pip-pip and all, there you have it: Americans are suckers.

Jolly good, then; now we’ve Article-0-1E54F78500000578-946_634x456cleared all that up, we can move on to another non-issue over in London’s Bartlett Park. It seems that dogs should not be walked there, as dogs are offensive to the delicate sensibilities of a certain segment of the population.

This development has engendered a certain amount of indignation, although it remains unclear as to just who posted the proclamation; obviously there are militants within the “Muslim community”, but then there are people who deeply oppose the refusal of Muslim immigrants to integrate into the British culture, as they have observed the result in countries such as Sweden in which Muslim enclaves have been declared “no-go zones” for non-Muslims. They don’t want to see such things occurring on their little island, quite understandably. So it’s quite possible that one of their lot may have posted the flyer in an effort to stir things up. Or not.

Carry on, then.


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