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Here They Come Again

The battles continue in Astoria, Oregon as the California sea lions have returned to lounge on docks at the port, overloading the floats, crapping all over the place, and occasionally going after unwary people. Ignoring basic historical facts as usual, … Continue reading

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Every now and then I like to remind folks that giving money to PeTA is actually worse than throwing it away, because the organization rakes in millions of dollars in donations each year from unsuspecting, good-hearted individuals who have no … Continue reading

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Just An Accident

Um, well, not exactly. I hate seeing stuff like this; it’s almost always some well-intentioned but clueless schmoe, or a semi-clueless newbie. In this case, it was a veterinarian who sold his practice three years ago to establish an elephant … Continue reading

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Cats: We’re Just Not That Into You

Folks have done tons of studies examining the mental characteristics of dogs, chimps, dolphins, fish, octopii, and more (interesting aside: dogs respond when a human points at something; chimps fail miserably). But when it comes to cats, there’s almost nothing; … Continue reading

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