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The Oregon Lottery: It Does (Not Good) Things

John Oliver really nailed state-sponsored lotteries last night, and some of his harshest commentary was directed squarely at Oregon Lottery – which, as he notes, uses the universal symbol for lying as its logo. Some 80% of Oregon lottery money … Continue reading

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Gas Up!

Oregon’s running another test of a per-mile tax to replace gas taxes at the pump. At least, they will be, when they get 5,000 volunteers signed up. The state is starting to sign up volunteers for the program, including Friedman, … Continue reading

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April Surprise!

The coming tax season brings new forms, which apparently will need to be filled out and included with your return in order to satisfy the requirements of newly-added Line 61 on your Form 1040: Health care: individual responsibility. New this year for your … Continue reading

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