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The Zero’s intrepid transportation reporter, Joseph Rose, apparently found this post and took umbrage. He left a comment: Hi, if you’re going to quote my reporting and story, please give credit and provide a link. Thanks. Joseph Rose The Oregonian … Continue reading

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It’s All Over But The Wiping

Backwoods loon Tootie Smith somehow managed to win, yesterday; Kurt Schrader’s therefore certain to coast safely back to D.C. for another term. Why people take Tootie seriously is beyond understanding. And Oregon Guy passed along a note from those cheerful … Continue reading

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Great Ad For The Oregonian Newspaper

It’s very short, much like the paper itself. It begins with some nice piano music, and a shot of the front page. In quick succession, all four pages are riffled through, and it crumples up into a ball. Really, all … Continue reading

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