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The Zero’s intrepid transportation reporter, Joseph Rose, apparently found this post and took umbrage. He left a comment: Hi, if you’re going to quote my reporting and story, please give credit and provide a link. Thanks. Joseph Rose The Oregonian … Continue reading

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“Six Californias” Dies

Not enough valid signatures were gathered to make it onto the ballot. Many people liked the idea of splitting the state into six independent states, but most apparently didn’t; some, in fact, say that even one California is one too … Continue reading

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Term Limits – Now

When we think of corruption, most of us think in terms of bribery: fat bundles of money stuffed in envelopes and furtively passed to conniving politicians. And that’s almost never the case. Oh, to be sure there are exceptions, such … Continue reading

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Oregon Spotted Frog Hits Threatened List

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) — Twenty-three years after it was first proposed for protection by the Endangered Species Act, the Oregon spotted frog is being listed as a threatened species. For the past decade, Oregon Zoo has been including the … Continue reading

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Preservationists: Racist, Ageist, and probably a lot of other Ists as well

Ever notice that all of the folks who want to lock up “wilderness” areas around the Western states are always white – and young? The ageist issue was briefly discussed here yesterday. But take a look at the photos and … Continue reading

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Oregon Governor Campaigns

Oregon governor John Kids-hobbler is up against a relatively strong but inherently evil Republican in the coming election, and the Democratic really needs something to distract attention from the exploding cigars that have peppered his term in orifice: the hundreds … Continue reading

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There Are Legacies, And Then There’s Legacy

Oh, my. Legacy Health finds itself in a bit of a pickle, what with the FBI carrying on a criminal investigation into their supply of bodies. The FBI is conducting a criminal investigation of a division of Legacy Health, looking into … Continue reading

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Bacon Grief

Over in Winooski, Vermont, the town has a beautification program in which business owners tend to street-corner flower beds. As part of the program, they can place a sign at “their” flower bed, and the “Sneakers” restaurant owner posted one … Continue reading

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Steamed At The Buffet

Baily’s buffet-style Pizza opened in Searcy, Arkansas last month, and the place offers discounts to college students, teachers, cops, seasoned citizens, military members, and – on Sundays – 10% off to anybody who walks in the door with a church … Continue reading

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From Astoria To Portland, Worth A Look

The world’s largest heavy-lift ship, the Blue Marlin, will be arriving on the Columbia River this weekend. Shown here hauling two minesweepers off the coast of Texas, it’s carrying components for what will be the largest drydock in the USA, … Continue reading

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