A scandal a day…

Gosh, last week, the story on the First Squeeze was that she’d been using her orifice in Salem and her connection to gov. Retread as First Squeeze and Energy Advisor to wangle contracts worth tens of thousands of dollars from Big Green. Amost as an afterthought, it was noted in the Willamette Week report that she’d been married three times – something that she’d been keeping from her boyfriend.

Two days later, it emerged that she’d been paid $5 grand to illegally marry an Ethiopian kid so that he could obtain a Green card. And then, following her “tearful press conference” about that, KOIN breaks yet another story, two days later, that Cylvia bought land with yet another boyfriend for an illegal pot plantation in Washington. She tried to explain that away as well, but as the property owner pointed out, “she got herself caught” as he described finding their shake-rack, fertilizers, and irrigation lines after foreclosing on the happy couple.

That takes us through last weekend, and then Willamette Week and KATU come out with the story yesterday about Retread’s staff rewriting ethical guidelines specifically to accommodate the First Squeeze:

Gov. John Kitzhaber’s then-chief of staff and top lawyer last year tried to stop First Lady Cylvia Hayes from running her private consulting business out the governor’s mansion and from continuing to use her title for paid speaking engagements, records recently released to WW show.

Hayes would not abide by those restrictions and Kitzhaber’s staff backed down, records show, rewriting ethical guidelines so Hayes could continue to use Mahonia Hall and the first lady title for her personal business.

Hayes would not abide by those restrictions? Really? And so Retread just caves and has the staff write new guidelines that are acceptable to the First Squeeze? Really? This grifter’s got some amazing chutzpah! And it works!

Well, today’s Wednesday, so it’s time for the next installment:

The company’s owner, Tom Hix, needed help in a hurry. If the state went through with its foreclosure, that could jeopardize his efforts to keep his golf course afloat.

So Hix turned to his former business consultant who was in a position to help bail him out: First Lady Cylvia Hayes.

Emails released to WW under the state’s public records law show Gov. John Kitzhaber’s office went to extraordinary lengths to intervene in the Hix case and to delay a scheduled foreclosure sale of Hayes’ former client’s property.

So in November 2011, well into Retread’s third term in orifice, Sweet Cylvia’s pulling strings in the state’s Executive branch to run unprecedented interference for her old client:

The state loan came from the Oregon Department of Energy, and officials there tell WWthey cannot remember another example of Kitzhaber’s office getting so deeply involved in the case of a troubled loan.

What’s truly interesting here is that none of these organizations doing the legwork – Willamette Week, KOIN, KATU – have any ties to the scurrilous Koch brothers; they’re all Left-tilting. And where is The Oregonian in all of this? Why, nowhere – they’re just doing stories on the stories that the others have already run.

I can hardly wait to see what this Friday-night document-dump’s going to yield. No wonder she gives “tearful press conferences”, claiming in essence that she’s “just a girl”; the way things are going, she stands to lose her meal-ticket.
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