Garbage Cops

Seattle’s going to fine residents who they believe aren’t composting and recycling to their liking. Yes, the Green Police era has arrived; haulers will be expected to inspect trash as they dump it into the truck, and if they decide that 1/10 of the stuff could have been recycled or was compostable, they’ll enter it as a violation into a computer, and a fine will appear as if by magic on the resident’s next bill.

This has great potential as a weapon against that neighbor you don’t like: save up that spoiled meatloaf and then walk it on over to the neighbor’s garbage can in the middle of the night! You get rid of the garbage, and they get a fine. It’s a brilliant idea!

Next up will almost certainly involve adding weight sensors to the bottom of containers to ensure that you’re not tossing too much.

Alternatively, it seems that if you “March To Save The Planetâ„¢” you can just toss your trash in the streets.
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