The Zero’s intrepid transportation reporter, Joseph Rose, apparently found this post and took umbrage. He left a comment:

Hi, if you’re going to quote my reporting and story, please give credit and provide a link. Thanks. Joseph Rose The Oregonian

And I replied:

If you’d bothered to click on the embedded links, Joeseph, you’d have noticed it. I provide links to source material, including both your story and that on Channel 12. Try to keep up.

While enjoying some of Mr. Rose’s reporting, this is rather irritating. I even go so far as to highlight the embeds in red to make them stand out. Clicking on a link isn’t rocket science, and had Rose bothered to do so, he’d have noticed that it takes you straight to his story, complete with his byline and grinning face.

I’ve been advised that my posts abide by both fair use doctrine and copyright law, and it’s unfortunate that a reporter for The Oregonian apparently fails to comprehend either. But then, there’s a reason why the publication is shedding circulation.

Really – you can’t click the link before whining?


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