Oregon: Campaign Ads Resume

Opponents of a ballot measure that would overturn legislation intended to allow illegal aliens to hold “driver cards” are kicking off their campaign with ads featuring illegals describing how much nicer their lives would be if they could just get a card that makes it okay for them to drive on our roads. It all seems a bit odd; shouldn’t the opponents be pushing for cargo bikes for illegals? What about that all-important Carbon Footprint? Why do they hate the planet?

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2 Responses to Oregon: Campaign Ads Resume

  1. lectorconstans says:

    Liberalism is one symptom of a disease whose cause is the atrophy of reason.

    A distant family member lives on Oregon and posts on Facebook. Evidently the main talking point for Merkley is that the Koch brothers are financing his opponent.

    • maxredlines says:

      It’s kind of a derangement syndrome; the Koch brothers are evil, but George Soros is wonderful. They’re all billionaires who are active in politics; Soros on the left, the Kochs on the right. There’s no difference, yet for some reason, the Lefties go all spittle-and-drooley at the mere thought of the Koch brothers.

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