The Color Of Hypocrisy Is Green

In a finding that comes as absolutely no surprise, a British government environmental agency reports that those who profess great concern about climate change use more energy than climate change “deniers” (paging AlGore!).Shrinkage

Those who say they are concerned about the prospect of climate change consume more energy than those who say it is “too far into the future to worry about,” the study commissioned by the Department for Energy and Climate Change found.

The findings will strengthen the case of those who argue that more coercive methods are needed if people’s energy consumption is to be reduced.

Peter Lilley, a Conservative member of the Commons Energy and Climate Change committee, said: “The survey exposes the hypocrisy of many who claim to be ‘green’: the greater the concern people express about global warming the less they do to reduce their energy usage.”

So there we have it then: the only way to get environmeddlists to reduce their energy usage is through brute force; those who aren’t particularly concerned about climate change already use less than the bloviators. It may seem hard to believe, but last time I checked, AlGore was still flying around in a private jet.


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