Rail Mass Transit Hiccups

A cargo train used by Mexicans and Central Americans to travel toward the U.S. border derailed in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca on Wednesday, stranding about 1,300 migrants, emergency services said.


Yeah, that’ll slow things down a bit. In other rail transit news:

The Portland-area development agency known as Tri-Met has warned that there will be delays across their multi-billion-dollar light rail “train” lines because as we enter a period of high heat, expected to last a week and a half, the power lines sag and the rails themselves may expand; forcing the Goldilocks lines to run at even slower speeds than normal.

Temps can’t be too hot or too cold; they have to be Just Right.

It might be best to take a bus (assuming you can find one – so many routes have been cannibalized to offset some rail operating expenses).


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