Completely Unforeseeable

Since Seattle City Council voted to raise the minimum wage in the city to $15 an hour, businesses have cut staff and reduced work hours – at least, those who’ve remained in the city.

Well-known pizzeria Pagliacci Pizza, a Seattle-area pizza chain, is already moving its call center and some of its production facilities outside the city, Cough said. “That’s a lot of jobs,” she notes.

Well, who could ever have imagined that something like this would happen? Darn those greedy business owners! It’s simply unbelievable.

Tugadi no longer hires musicians for her restaurant. With the wage increase still looming, she said she can’t justify expenses that don’t directly “add to the bottom line.” She’s also removed labor-intensive menu items and adjusted prices in preparation for the hike. And, she says, hours will have to be cut: At the end of the summer, El Norte Lounge will stop serving lunch and will only serve dinner.

Some businesses are just shutting down, and the business community expects to see more of that in the coming months and years unless the Council reverses course.  Seattle-based Amazon is asking the FAA to allow the company to test drone delivery systems in the Seattle area. Probably just a coincidence.

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