All Politics Is Lo-Cal

Lightweight Astoria mayor Willis is throwing in the towel after a mere 30 years of mucking about in city politics there. At least he’s leaving on his own terms, whereas “Little Napoleon” Steve Novick, recently elected to Portland City Council, has managed to irk enough people that a recall petition was filed against him yesterday. This being Portland, it seems unlikely to make it through – two such petitions were filed against former mayor and child molester Sam Adams, and even though one was supported by a prominent politician, neither passed.

Of course, we’re all paying the price for those failures, even now.

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2 Responses to All Politics Is Lo-Cal

  1. maxredlines says:

    I referred to Willis as a lightweight because he’s only spent 30 years in poly-ticks. As I understand it, he has a bottling company, so I assume he at least knows something about business. And although I knew that Taylor’s the only one running for mayor, I don’t follow things closely enough in the area to have heard anything about him.

    However, if he’s from Cali, you guys would do well to find a homeboy to go up against him!

  2. g says:

    Willis is a friend and is a good guy. He has also been good for Astoria. His leadership style has been one of common sense.

    Not sure if you have been following the mayor race but so far one guy is running – Larry Taylor.
    He’s about the scariest democratic I think I know. Astoria is in trouble if this guy wins.
    Larry is another Kalifornia transplant who f’d his state up and now wants to invade our town and rid it completely of the blue collar. When you look up liberal in the dictionary, Larry’s picture is there. SCARY.

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