Tax Dollars At Work: $56K “Diversity Training”

Yep, despite the fact that the folks having problems in the City bureaucracy have been 1) a black guy who made suggestive comments about a Multnomah County Commissioner during a public meeting and 2) a woman, the City of Portland is spending $56,000 in taxpayer money to send only white male managers to a 3.5-day “diversity training” seminar. That’s pretty racist – and sexist – in and of itself.

So how many white boys are they spending this $56,000 to “train”?

A whopping 16.

Yet they’re endlessly claiming they have no money, so they need to impose more “fees” on residents to pay for basic services. Only in Portland are people stupid enough to see this kind of waste go on and then turn around and say, “Well yeah, go ahead and hit us with some increased fees and taxes, because you folks at City Haul really need the money more than we do.”

Even the Portlandia tv script writers can’t come up with stuff like this.
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