Daily Astorian Strikes Again

Reliably Leftist, their editorial attacks an Oregon congressman who’s not even in the Clatsop County district:

Politicians seek distractions like addicts need drugs. Blaming someone else is basic to the art of political survival.

When Oregon Congressman Greg Walden was pressed on the issue of immigration reform he blamed the impasse on (guess who) President Obama. Walden did that in spite of the bipartisan Senate immigration bill which has been sitting in the House since one year ago.


There are just a few problems with this, in addition to the one mentioned above: Resident Obama has taken distraction to an art-form. Every time some new scandal emerges, he resorts to distraction. Barry’s latest one didn’t work, however, as his anticipated Bergdahl bump never materialized. Even media “correspondents” are now pronouncing that Obama’s residency is toast.

That doesn’t stop his apologists in Astoria’s “newspaper”, of course:

On Fox News Sunday Walden said: “How do we know he’ll enforce something that we do go forward on? And so that causes a lot of distrust at the grassroots level and in the Congress, frankly, if you look at all the laws he’s waived, parts of laws he doesn’t like.”

With a Senate bill awaiting action in the House, Walden’s excuse is empty.

That’s simply desperation born of stupidity, which is generally how the die-hard Left operates. Walden is exactly right; this administration not only refuses to enforce existing laws; it sues states who dare to do so. Given the performance (or lack thereof) of the current regime, there is no reason for any person who has not been declared medically brain-dead to believe that the regime will not continue its well-established pattern of selective non-enforcement.

It appears that the editors at Daily Astorian should be moved to a hospital, where MRI scans should conclusively establish whether or not their brains are functional. On the other hand, that may be an unnecessary expense; their editorial indicates that they ar in fact brain-dead – a scan would merely confirm the obvious.


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2 Responses to Daily Astorian Strikes Again

  1. g says:

    There isn’t too much about the daily a that is appealing. They don’t get the news right, they bias report, they generate headlines that are misleading, they defame locals, etc etc.
    The editors are bizarre-o liberals. They feed their monkeys.
    I quit taking the rag a long time ago. I still read the obits and articles about the port online.
    At least the articles about the port are entertaining.
    The rest is typical liberal leftist jargon.
    I do notice they like to give themselves awards. WTH???

    • maxredlines says:

      I often find them amusing; their editorial on Walden being a prime example of why. Running an MRI on them would be, as I noted, a waste of perfectly good resources.

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