To Your Health

A drug now used to treat leukemia has also been found to effectively mobilize the immune system to kill other cancers.

The drugs, called p110δ inhibitors, have shown such remarkable efficacy against certain leukemias in recent clinical trials that patients on the placebo were switched to the real drug. Until now, however, they have not been tested in other types of cancer.

The new study has been published in Nature, which is a pretty widely respected journal

And since they’ve already passed the clinical trial stage in leukemia patients, they’ll likely be able to speed its expansion to fight other cancers in humans, which is pretty cool news.

But on the other end of the spectrum -you know how bike-share programs are being pushed in cities across the country? It turns out there’s more than bikes being shared: cities with bike-share programs also have way more serious head injuries. That’s because while they let you rent bikes, they don’t give you helmets (because, you know, head lice, etc.). In effect, they promote unsafe cycling, and the numbers prove it. That’s stupid; if you rent a car, you better believe that puppy’s coming equipped with seat belts and air bags. There’s absolutely no justification for helmet-free bike rental programs.

“The conclusion of our study — that [bike share] implementation is associated with increased odds that a person admitted for a bicycling-related injury would have a head injury — is likely attributable to the low propensity of [bike share] cyclists to use helmets,” the researchers wrote.



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4 Responses to To Your Health

  1. maxredlines says:

    Seattle has a law requiring helmets, When their bikeshare program comes in, they have some sort of thing where clean helmets are stashed in lockers, then recleaned upon return.

  2. lectorconstans says:

    why shouldn’t the rider have to BYOH?

    • maxredlines says:

      Ideally, of course, they should. But that’s asking a bit much of tourists.

      • lectorconstans says:

        There’s a popular beach near us, where you can rent bicycles. I don’t know if they handle the helmet thing. I’m thinking of something similar – bowling shoes. I’m pretty sure they send them through a cleaning process between rentals. They could do the same with bicycle helmets. It would add to the cost, of course, but if we can save even one life……

        I think the socially-advanced city of Berkeley tried “grab-N-go” bicycles (pick one up here, ride it there, leave it for the guy coming back), but for some reason the progressives never understood, the bicycles kept disappearing. Evidently, “there” was rather a long way off for some folks.

        They could save a little on cost by providing only unicycles – they’re only about half the cost.

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