Deep-Seated Fear

With the surprising defeat of Eric Cantor in the VA. primary to an unknown TEA party candidate – conservative economics professor Dave Bratt – establishment Republicans inside the Beltway are understandably shaken. But they aren’t the only ones: the far-left loons are out in force, spittle and drool running down their screens as they post comment after comment in reaction to the Oregonian story’s appearance on their “OLive” website.

You’d think Sarah Palin had won the VA. Republican primary, rather than a mild-mannered college professor. The usual Lefty accusations of racism and bigotry and hate are flying from the keyboards of the very people who love to engage in such things while considering themselves “tolerant”. The meltdown is most amusing.

The only reason for them to behave like this has to be that they’re deathly afraid. They’re bringing up things like Cantor’s religion: “The only Jewish Republican in the House” has been defeated. Clearly, TEA party folks are anti-semitic. Only in what passes for the “minds” of the far-Left.

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6 Responses to Deep-Seated Fear

  1. lectorconstans says:

    I thought Cantor was the guy who sang in the House.

    Another news item says this is bad news for Boeing – here’s a good story on the money connections:

    “Eric Cantor, Boeing, and the GOP’s new money problem”

    “”I think the party is definitely going to be losing one of its top two fundraisers in the House,”

    • maxredlines says:

      That’s a great article! But I don’t think most people know squat about the Export-Import Bank; what sank him, in my view, was his support for amnesty – as the ad from Brat featured in the article demonstrates. Even the die-hard Democratics that I know recognize that as a slap in the face to all of those who came here legally, jumped through all the hoops to maintain their green cards, etc.

      And to me, the job losses are secondary: they aren’t – obviously – medically screened, and so they’re bringing in diseases, which endangers our health and overloads our medical facilities.

      • lectorconstans says:

        There’s an interesting situation going on along the Mexico/Arizona & Texas border. The Pied Piper is bringing thousands of young’uns – up to 20-something, so I’ve heard. All they have to do is tell the INS guy that they were “sent away” when they were younger.

        That is the archetypal crackpot scheme.

      • maxredlines says:

        They’re also sending some to California, now. All of them are given a date to appear in court for a deportation hearing, which they inexplicably fail to attend.

  2. g says:

    I wasn’t a big fan of Cantor. Mostly because he even entertained amnesty. And not to mention he sold his soul to Wall Street. I think the whole immigration push by the democratics is severely misguided and will create problems for generations to come if passed. Cantor bought into this a little bit. I sincerely hope that is what got him sent packing. It also makes me happy because the sheeple might finally be waking up.

    My fingers are crossed that we will see more of this to come.

    I for one am ready to see politicians that represent the people. Not just folks that pack up and head to DC never to be heard from again as they develop their war chests for retirement.
    Brat is an Ayn Rand fan. He can’t be all that bad.
    I hope.

    • maxredlines says:

      Yep, amnesty is a non-starter for me. The thing that supporters seem to miss is the fact that unlike green-card applicants and legal immigrants, border-jumpers don’t undergo medical screening, so they’re importing disease into the USA in some cases. And when you allow millions to do it, you create a grave health risk.

      The Founders of this country foresaw many things, but it never occurred to them that a permanent political class might be established, wherein people spend their entire lives as Senators or Congresscritters. They envisioned what was normal for them at the time: people would be elected, serve a few years, and then return to civilian life.

      I’d like to see that vision restored.

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