Smokin’ Hot Siverado!

Most folks know that you don’t seek shelter under a tree in a thunderstorm. But you’d think you’ll be okay if you stay in your car. Well, these folks were uninjured, but they still nearly died.

A couple is crediting a Strathcona County RCMP officer for saving their lives after their pickup truck was struck by lightning as they were travelling down the highway.

On Saturday, Al and Betty Perry were driving along Highway 14 near Tofield, Alberta when out of the sky came a massive bolt of lightning. It hit their silver Chevrolet pickup truck instantly filling the vehicle with smoke.

The bolt fried the electronics, so the doors and windows couldn’t be opened. In itself, that might not be so bad, but it also melted significant parts of the ride and set it on fire. So while they tried – and failed – to kick the windows out, the cab filled with smoke. Fortunately, a cop was in the area and saw the strike, then sped over to help. He used his baton to break out the windows and eventually get the couple out.

Bonus: the whole thing was caught on a security camera.

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