Down In The Dumps

Dumps” refers to stolen credit card data. McdumpalsjoinedBuyers of these data can encode them onto fake credit cards and use the fakes to go shopping for stuff that they can sell for cash, and the dumps are widely available in various online sites, such as “McDumpals”.

Like many other dumps shops, McDumpals recently began requiring potential new customers to pay a deposit (~$100) via Bitcoin before being allowed to view the goods for sale. Also typical of most card shops, this store’s home page features the latest news about new batches of stolen cards that have just been added, as well as price reductions on older batches of cards that are less reliable as instruments of fraud.

The latest wrinkle is that many of the shops are categorizing dumps by city, state, region, and even ZIP code. That’s because banks increasingly flag, as potentially fraudulent, charges made against the card when they occur out of the cardholder’s general shopping area. So purchasers of dumps stand a much greater chance of success in using fake cards when the actual cardholder lives in the same area.


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