We Need To Have A “National Conversation” About Knife Control

In Wisconsin, a 12 year-old middle-school girl was lured into woods with a game of hide-and-seek by two of her “friends”. They stabbed her 19 times with a large kitchen knife in an apparent effort to please “Slender Man” – who is nothing more than an internet meme. They left her for dead, but she managed to crawl out to a sidewalk, where a passing cyclist saw her and called for help. Presently, she’s in stable condition at a local hospital.

The “friends”, also 12, will be charged as adults.

Now really, this knife business is starting to get out of hand, don’t you think? Recently in Santa Barbara, a nutball stabbed his three roommates to death, shot three other people, and mowed a bunch of other people down with his car. But now, in Wisconsin, we have another knifing. The girl’s lucky to be alive.

It seems clear that we need to put some restrictions on knife ownership – we need universal background checks on all would-be knife purchasers, and these people, if allowed possession, must be required to keep their knives in a safe. This represents our only chance of preventing future horrors.

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2 Responses to We Need To Have A “National Conversation” About Knife Control

  1. lectorconstans says:

    There seems to be a bit of a moral decline among the population. If killing someone is No Big Deal (after all, we hardly know him), where do we go next?

    • maxredlines says:

      I suspect that what we have in this case is a little sociopath who decided that SlenderMan was real and convinced her moronic little friend to go along with her. The latter had no capacity to consider that if the sociopath was going to “please SlenderMan” by killing their friend, she might well be next.

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