Oh, Really?

Just remember — there’s nothing we can do to stop mass killings from happening, even though no other developed country has this problem.

That’s what Li’l Jonny Stewart says, anyway. Evidently, he overlooked that guy in “gun-free” Denmark who killed some 37 people a while back. And of course, in “gun-free” China, when a guy runs into a school on a spree, he only has a knife, so fewer die.

And in the recent Santa Barbara spree, three people were shot (not counting the loon himself), three were stabbed to death, and the rest were run down by his BMW.

So he’s wrong – this isn’t the only developed country that has this problem, and it happens even in those with strict “gun control” laws. And as the SB incident shows, we need to have a “national conversation” about BMW control. Yet they call it a “mass shooting” incident.

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