Let My People Go

Weather officials in Albuquerque say a mysterious presence that showed up on its radar the last few nights has turned out to be of the insect variety.

Swarms of grasshoppers, in fact. It almost sounds like something you might have read about, although back in the day, they didn’t have radar installations in Egypt.

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2 Responses to Let My People Go

  1. lectorconstans says:

    Locusts were pretty prominent, plaguewise, in the plains areas not too long ago. As they haven’t been eradicated yet (and no chance of that, what with the SPCI(nsects) keeping tabs on things), they could return.

    • maxredlines says:

      We used to get tons of grasshoppers each summer in the corn belt, but it’s kind of surreal to be picking up swarms on radar.

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