Intolerant Portland

A guy and his lovely wife moved Mcintirepiercingsjpeg-64f4c5ce0291b2a4here from New York City a couple of months ago, allegedly hoping to find work, and in all this time, he hasn’t been able to land a job. He ascribes his state of affairs to sheer prejudice.

Somehow, that seems hard to believe; he’s probably just not been looking in the right places. After all, the competition for dishwashing jobs is brutal in Portland, what with all the art history majors jockeying to get a foot in the door of our fine dining establishments.

Perhaps a job in the financial service industry would prove a better fit for him.

Or maybe he could find work as a roadie for a death-metal band.

Alas, we stand to lose this fine young couple to Florida, where apparently he has a good friend in the scrap metal business. When he goes, I hope he remembers to stay away from the electromagnets.


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2 Responses to Intolerant Portland

  1. lectorconstans says:

    He needs to get an MRI exam first.

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