Legal Maneuvers

Oregon gov. Retread has announced his intention to throw a rock at a hornet nest; a move that shouldn’t cost taxpayers much more than $50 million while yielding absolutely nothing.

On Thursday, Kitzhaber asked Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum to initiate legal action against Oracle, which billed the state $134 million for its work on what became a largely dysfunctional website.

Throwing good money after bad seems to be his specialty. But, Portland-area voters seem to love dysfunction, so they’re certain to elect him to a fourth term. Amazing.

And the ongoing antics of Portland’s ILWU thugs have become too much for even the NLRB, which smacked them down yet again:

In a blow to the longshoreman union’s lengthy showdown with the Port of Portland, a National Labor Relations Board judge found the International Longshore and Warehouse Union guilty of intentional slowdowns at North Portland’s crucial Terminal 6.

These clowns have been defying judicial orders to halt unlawful activities for quite a while; the latest ruling clears the way for contempt charges.

The NLRB is normally quite sympathetic toward unions, as a majority of the board is composed of former union leaders and associates, so the conduct has to be egregiously bad to garner such a ruling – but the ILWU “workers” in Portland and Vancouver have repeatedly demonstrated that they’re down to the task. No other west coast ports face such recurrent idiocy.

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2 Responses to Legal Maneuvers

  1. lectorconstans says:

    (I finally figured out that there’s a difference between you and “maxredlines”.)

    “Oregon paid Oracle $134 million in federal funds ….”
    “I share your determination to recover every dollar to which Oregon is entitled,”….

    Sounds like Oregon is entitled to a heartfelt letter of condolence and apology. (Oracle Forn 23-W.)

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