Psst! Hey Buddy! Wanna Host An Olympics?

The 2022 Olympics is up for bids, and a funny thing’s happened: nobody’s interested in hosting them. For years, cities vied to host the Olympics because of the prestige and economic impact the Games bring. But they’ve caught on to the fact that the economic impact is largely negative; the costs far outweigh the benefits.

Countries, at least democracies, are no longer buying the economic benefit argument. As a result, we could be headed into an era where only non-democratic governments will want to host the Olympics.

In fact, only two cities are bidding to host the 2022 Games: Beijing, China and Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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4 Responses to Psst! Hey Buddy! Wanna Host An Olympics?

  1. lectorconstans says:

    I vote for Kazakhstan. Maybe they’ll build a great big stadium.

    The depressing side of all that is that there are people out there – all over – who have been training their whole lives for the Olympics. (Our guys are sorta amateurs; the Chinese, at least, seem to be specially raised to the job. I wonder if there’s been any sort of genetic engineering. Nah – they wouldn’t do that.)

    • maxredlines says:

      Why not just build one place, like the originators did? Why should taxpayers foot the bill to build venues for a two-week exhibition of sports activities? Not just USA, but globally?

      Take a look at the Athens softball stadium.

      It’s stupid. Build one place, where the events will be held for many years, and I can go with that.

      • lectorconstans says:

        Dang! A reasonable solution – one of those rarer-than-hen’s-teeth things. I suppose the idea of hosting it in different countries came from wanting the Olympics to be international.

        I found an article on the Greek 2004 Summer Games:

        “For many in Greece, these venues serve as an unpleasant reminder of the country’s previous excess spending in light of its current financial woes.”

        On the other hand, that story ends with the news that many of the venues are being used

        (A few photos on that site)

      • maxredlines says:

        I should probably re-think it, then. 🙂

        The linked article features a photo of the unused Athens softball field, but there’s also a link to Sochi a month after the Games ended there. It looks dead.

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