Rents Reduced At Big Fat Target

It seems that not a lot of folks want to lease space there.

NEW YORK (AP) — The owners of the World Trade Center’s signature skyscraper are slashing office rents nearly 10 percent because they can’t find enough tenants.

How very odd. You’d think they’d be climbing all over one another for a shot at offices with such sweeping views. Doesn’t seem to be the case, though.


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2 Responses to Rents Reduced At Big Fat Target

  1. lectorconstans says:

    I wonder if they might have set the rents a bit high, to start.

    “Downtown average rents sought by top-quality buildings were $53.87 in the first quarter …”

    “construction cost of $3.9 billion”

    It’s going to take a while to turn a profit.

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