It’s For The Children™

Portland’s “children” have a petition going over at Sure, they do:

By 7th Grade Class at Southwest Charter School

We the citizens of Portland, Oregon would like you to ban smoking in public parks. Smoking in public places does not encourage a healthy lifestyle. Children who see people smoking in public parks may think that it is socially acceptable and start smoking themselves. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has reported that secondhand smoking can cause lung cancer and other diseases. A Study from Stanford University (2007) showed that being within a few feet of a smoker is comparable to indoor levels of smoke. Also, second hand smoke is harmful to people who don’t even smoke by taking away their freedom to not be harmed by smoking. It is hard to enjoy nature and play when the air is filled with cigarette smoke. We encourage you to follow in the footsteps of other cities such as New York, Chicago, San Jose, Medford, Portland, Maine and the state of Oregon who recently banned smoking in state parks (Feb. 2014), by banning smoking in parks and plazas in the city of Portland.

So, the children in a 7th-grade class are petitioning Portland City Council member “Nurse” Amanda Fritz, are they? Yeah, they came up with it all on their own, having solved all other problems. Right.

Good little Nazis.

Is smoking a health issue? Of course. So is alcohol. So are cars, as we’ve seen in the recent Santa Barbara area.

Why don’t they petition to ban smoking in the back yard? After all, people do that, too, and smoke might drift into neighboring yards. Perhaps smoking should be banned city-wide. There’s an idea. Maybe we can pass that one on to some PPS 7th-grade teachers.


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