FFRF & ACLU Are Going To Be Vewy, Vewy Upset

Freedom From Religion Foundation and the ACLU got their panties in a twist over a long-time memorial cross in Coos Bay’s Mingus Park. That cross just really outraged and offended them. Of course, so does opening a legislative session with a prayer – which the US Supreme Court upheld as constitutional. They lost that one, and now the city of Coos Bay, Oregon, has essentially told them to stuff it as well; the cross stays.

Next thing you know, those dorks are going to be “demanding” the removal of all of the crosses in our National Cemeteries. They just can’t seem to give it a rest.

Frankly, it takes more than the sight of a cross or a menorah or a mosque to get my blood pressure up, although when some deranged idiotic barbarian starts waving a decapitated head around and hollering Aloe Mars Bar or whatever the heck they holler, that’ll do it.

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2 Responses to FFRF & ACLU Are Going To Be Vewy, Vewy Upset

  1. ZZMIke says:

    Here’s another theory: they’re all vampires, and the sight of a cross drives them batty.

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