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Over in formerly great Britain, an especially sensitive 20 year-old got his feelings hurt when, walking down the street, he happened to pass a church featuring an insensitive poster in its display. The sign, consisting of a photo of fire and the text, “If you don’t believe in God, you’d better be right” simply appalled the impressionable lad, who claimed he was “astounded” that in the 21st century a church would display such a thing.

Naturally, he filed a complaint with police, who then sent a couple of chaps ’round to have a chat with the pastor.

A baptist church was at the centre of a police probe after a sign which suggested non-Christians would ‘burn in hell’ was investigated as a ‘hate incident’. 

Of course it was.

“See here, Vicar, you can’t be putting up a poster like that on church property; some might view it as offensive.”

Meanwhile on this side of the pond, New York City’s Department of Vegetation sent a letter home with a 4’1″, 66-pound third-grader claiming that the child is “overweight“. You better believe Mom has a problem with this.

Want to put a stop to that sort of nonsense? Require the administrators to submit to the same “fitness assessment” and publish the results. In no time, flat, that “assessment” will be tossed.

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