“Streetcar” Charlie And Steve Novick Have Another “Fee” For Portland

Their “street fee” of $144 per year will be conveniently split into fourths and add only another $38 to the quarterly water/sewer bill that presently runs to around $350 per homeowner. This is desperately needed money because City Hall has been peeing away so much money on bioswales, bike paths, and other stuff that they kind of never got around to maintaining the streets.

But it gets much better:

KOIN TV reported last night that businesses and churches and government offices and schools will all see big new “fee” expenses as well – $3,435 a month for an office building, $1,854 a month for a hospital, $2,791 per month for each school or university building, $1,011 for each church building, $971.00 a month for each daycare facility.

Because, you know, daycare’s way too cheap as it is.

So in addition to paying the $144 a year, homeowners who do business of any sort in Portland can look forward to paying higher rates as companies pass the costs along. Yep, good old “business-friendly” Portland City Hall strikes again. Even better, 20% of their “street fee” goes to streetcars and light rail.

Note: The Oregonian claims it’ll cost $140, rather than $144 for homeowners; not sure where they got the lower figure, but they probably figure folks will be happy with the “lower” figure because they can use the “extra” money to buy a latte.

Note: Portland City Hall can raise the “fee” any time they want.

Note: Despite Streetcar and Novick’s insistence that this is not a tax, that’s precisely what it is. A fee is what you pay when you use a tollway or a campsite or an entry fee. A tax is imposed by government whether or not you use their alleged “service”. Expect this new tax to be in litigation, along with the “arts tax”, which is still tied up in court.


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4 Responses to “Streetcar” Charlie And Steve Novick Have Another “Fee” For Portland

  1. T D Williams says:

    The voters keep electing these people. Evidently Portland voters want fewer and more expensive businesses and more taxes. And if the courts act as fast on this as on the arts tax, we’ll be paying for a good long while before anything is adjudicated. Sigh.

    • maxredlines says:

      I think the problem’s down to the hipsters who come here thinking that Portland’s really where young people go to retire. They move into a crackerbox with five room-mates, vote, then eventually get tired of living in the crackerbox and move on – only to be replaced by more of the same.

  2. maxredlines says:

    Yeah, kind of what I was getting at – you not only get to pay a new “fee”, you get to pay pass-along costs as well. Great strategic move by the City Council.

  3. James says:

    KOIN TV reported last night that businesses and churches and government offices and schools will all see big new “fee” expenses as well…

    Well, this is Portland where the new norm is economic ‘discrimination’ to recapture its former exclusivity, except this time “it’s sustainable!”
    Expect to see even more affordable businesses flee and be replaced with trendy, upscale ones that can afford the luxury of having a Portland mailing address. Oh, and prices to do anything here will also go up even more.

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