It’s All Over But The Wiping

Backwoods loon Tootie Smith somehow managed to win, yesterday; Kurt Schrader’s therefore certain to coast safely back to D.C. for another term. Why people take Tootie seriously is beyond understanding.

And Oregon Guy passed along a note from those cheerful folks over at NARAL who were so incensed by Dr. Wehby’s defeat of Conger that they simply couldn’t wait until morning to let the spittle fly, declaring her to be anti-abortion and a participant in the Republican “war or women”.  Hey girls, the “n” key’s on the bottom right of your keyboard. It’s all the more amusing in view of the fact that, as noted here yesterday, the Democratics have been sliming Dr. Wehby since late last week, so the “war on women” is being conducted by the Left.


Well, never let a few trivial facts get in the way of a good story. What’cha gonna do?


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2 Responses to It’s All Over But The Wiping

  1. g says:

    I was accidently watching Entertainment Tonight and they featured Wehby’s “stalking”.
    I’m guessing the democratics are worried about her beating the merkster. Who’s long list of accomplishments are….uhm….uh.

    • maxredlines says:

      Well, “Entertainment Tonight” is probably a good slot to feature a tale about a “stalking” doctor. I found it interesting that they started hammering on this drum before the primary election was even over. As I mentioned previously, that demonstrates that they never feared Conger, but she scares the begerbils out of them.

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